Recyclr.net is an open-source crowdsourcing effort to label and identify trash in order to teach machines to detect trash in their own environment.

By drawing 4-vertex polygons around pieces of trash and identifying them to the best of your ability, you can help teach robots to detect, pick up & remove trash on their own, leading to autonomous beach and ocean cleanup abilities.

Whether you spend 20 seconds or 20 minutes labeling data, each frame expands the dataset a little more and leads to a bit cleaner Earth.
Start labeling trash & recycling data to train robots and drones to cleanup and sort recylables.

All labeled data is made available for experts & hackers to design better models for trash & recyclable sorting.

recyclr is an open-source project for cleaning pollution & depends on kind user contributions to keep the lights on.
With your help, recyclrs have labeled images and pieces of trash & recyclables!